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Our Programs

Annual Events

It is both PTO financial support and active parent volunteerism that ensures we have these important programs on campus:

  • STEAM Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) & Makery: This teacher provides science integration coaching and runs the Makery lab for our students. Our PTO funds 10% of the salary

  • Kindergarten Aid for Parent Co-Op: This teacher assistant provides support to the Kindergarten class

  • Art Classes: Art in Action account and supplies lead by parent volunteers for the Parent Co-Op Program and by a Mandarin speaking instructor for the Mandarin Immersion program

  • Science Workshops: Vendors such as Marine Science Institute and Lawrence Hall of Science bring hands-on science workshops to the classroom.

  • PTO Teacher Grants: Classroom support, supplies, and equipment or professional development specifically requested by teachers to support their students.

  • Field trips: Funding for each class to go on 1-2 field trips per year

  • Tutoring: Funding for afterschool English, Math and Mandarin Tutoring

  • And Much More! Cultural events, library books, teacher stipends for classroom supplies, staff appreciation events, and school beautification

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